There is a need to appreciate the musical instrument handcrafters, they put the spirit into their handmade instruments and you can feel it from them. And really precisely done work makes the greatest propaganda to their products, then, of course, there are musicians who are getting these instruments constructed by them.
  On this website there is an overview of producers. If there is
any of them I did not hear about, please, send me
the reference to his website, eventually his contact ... 


MILOŠ KLAS - Production and restoration of string musical instruments (violins, fiddles, guitars, bass guitars ...),
MARTIN KLEMA - Production, service and reparation of acoustic guitars (Drednought, Jumbo, 12 strings ...)
SOLLER&SIVCAK - Production of electric guitars and bass guitars, service of string  instruments
KAMIL GREBEŇ - Production of electric bass guitars and guitars
BRUNO URBAN - Production of electric guitars and bass guitars
MILAN Č͎ - Production of electric, acoustic guitars and bass guitars, service of string  instruments
IGOR KELLER - Production and service of electric guitars and bass guitars
Maker of folk traditional musical instruments

Czech Republic:

JURKOVIČ GUITARS - Custom handmade electric guitars and bass & service
- Acoustic, Bass, Electric, Jazz Guitars, Specials, Electric Upright Bass, ...
Custom handmade acoustic guitars Corona

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Novax Guitars - continues to produce innovative instruments that offer improved performance for modern musicians - guitar performance school in the United States, international schools, guitar building&repair schools